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Prusa Research Announces Public Beta Testing for their Newest Model, the Prusa XL, with Production Units Scheduled to Begin Shipping in Mid 2023

June 2022

A division of Desktop Metal ($DM) is leveraging additive manufacturing and advanced materials to personalize patient care.
A California based Metal 3D Printing Company is transforming the production of precision stainless steel components with immediate turnarounds, and no…
In more than 200 countries, around 1 billion people enjoy Pepsi products that came from a 3D printed mold. Large Enterprises are saving Millions of…
Automated Farm System AFS by Prusa Research was revealed for the first time in Europe since Dubai 2020 EXPO
Avi Reichental and Nexa 3D are Breaking the Barriers of Additive Manufacturing with their XiP 3D Printer
The Kobra Plus 3D Printer is the latest addition in the Kobra series by Anycubic. It's larger than the Kobra, but smaller than the Kobra Max.
From a one-man startup into a largest 3D printer manufacturer in the World